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Early cancer detection from liquid biopsy


Our Technology

Floating Genes is developing the NGS-based targeted sequencing technology “Enhance-seq” to detect rare mutations (patent submitted). Enhance-seq is highly sensitive to detect few molecules of rare circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in a strong background of non-mutated DNA with a low sequencing depth.


Our Story

Founded in 2021 by Dipanwita Biswas and Gabriel Lerebours, Floating Genes is incubated in Paris Biotech Santé, and accompanied by Wilco. A proof of concept of the technology has been conducted in the Shaker program of Genopole.

Floating Genes aims at improving early cancer diagnosis with highly sensitive NGS-based technology. The company is developing in vitro diagnosis tests based on liquid biopsy.



Address: 4 rue Pierre Fontaine, 91000 Evry

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